Shear Pin Subsea

OEM Subsea Shear Pin


Robust designs manufactured specifically for use in harsh and challenging environments offshore, such as platforms, ships, rigs and drilling applications.

  • Redundant signal with dual electronics
  • Range up to 1200 metric tons
  • IP68, Submersible upon request
  • Ex ia IIC T5 , ATEX and IEC approved
  • Stainless Steel

The LS-3010-SP is a well proven 4- 20mA output Shear pin Transmitter with fast response time, high accuracy and long life time performance in harsh and hazardous environments.

More than 1000 custom designed version are stored in our database. Huge flexibility in design and a long
record of field proven solutions has made these sensors popular among customers in the gas and oil industry.

The sensor is digitally calibrated with an analogue 4-20mA output signal in a two conductor configuration.

The electronics are molded and encapsulated inside the sensor, proven to be the best solution for EMC, potential leakage and long lifetime performance.

Typical Applications are:

  • Offshore Drilling
  • Offshore Production
  • Cranes
  • Winches
  • Mooring systems


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