ATEX Ex ia


The sensor is manufactured to withstand a though environment. The electronics provide power supply regulation, reverse polarity and over voltage protection..

  • Ranges from 12 to 120 Ton
  • Integrated 2-wire signal amplifier, 4-20mA
  • Robust design in stainless steel
  • Designed for Harsh Environments
  • Available with Ex ia IIC T, ATEX and IEC Ex
  • Enclosure IP67, IP68 or submersible upon request
  • Designed to be compatible with existing standards
  • Easy to install and maintain

The electronics are molded and encapsulated inside the sensor, proven to be the best solution for EMC, potential leakage and long lifetime performance.

Typical Applications are:

  • Hoisting and cranes security
  • Hoisting gear, elevators and winches
  • Stationary weighing
  • General industry (harsh environment)
  • Offshore
  • Marine and harbour

Mechanical options

Shackle without cable:

Article Number Description
5SPS012-100-00 Shackle Loadcell, 12Ton, 4-20mA Ex
5SPS017-100-00 Shackle Loadcell, 17Ton, 4-20mA Ex
5SPS025-100-00 Shackle Loadcell, 25Ton, 4-20mA Ex
5SPS035-100-00 Shackle Loadcell, 35Ton, 4-20mA Ex
5SPS055-100-00 Shackle Loadcell, 55Ton, 4-20mA Ex
5SPS085-100-00 Shackle Loadcell, 85Ton, 4-20mA Ex
5SPS120-100-00 Shackle Loadcell, 120Ton, 4-20mA Ex


Cable options

Shackle Load Cell with Cable
Cable (ØLFLEX):

Article Number Description
3SPXXX-XXX-41 Cable, 3m, cable gland, radial
3SPXXX-XXX-42 Cable, 6m, cable gland, radial
3SPXXX-XXX-43 Cable, 12m, cable gland, radial
3SPXXX-XXX-44 Cable, 20m, cable gland, radial
3SPXXX-XXX-11 Cable, 3m, cable gland axial
3SPXXX-XXX-12 Cable, 6m, cable gland axial
3SPXXX-XXX-13 Cable, 12m, cable gland axial
3SPXXX-XXX-14 Cable, 20m, cable gland axial


Shackle with hyd.hose
Hydraulic Hose with Cable:

Article Number Description
3SPXXX-XXX-51 Hose and cable, 3m, cable gland, radial
3SPXXX-XXX-52 Hose and cable, 6m, cable gland, radial
3SPXXX-XXX-53 Hose and cable, 12m, cable gland, radial
3SPXXX-XXX-54 Hose and cable, 20m, cable gland, radial
3SPXXX-XXX-21 Hose and cable, 3m, axial
3SPXXX-XXX-22 Hose and cable, 6m, cable gland axial
3SPXXX-XXX-23 Hose and cable, 12m, cable gland axial
3SPXXX-XXX-24 Hose and cable, 20m, cable gland axial

Shackle Load Cell with Connector
Connector M12:

Article Number Description
3SPXXX-XXX-3X Connector, M12, axial
3SPXXX-XXX-6X Connector, M12, radial


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