PS2120 Subsea

Ex ia Pressure Transmitter & Subsea


  • For Subsea Pressure Applications
  • Total Accuracy < 0.25 % FS
  • Fast response time (2ms)
  • Intrinsically safe
  • Atex Ex, and IECEx classified
  • Use in harsh environments
  • Field proven for more than 15 years
  • Splash zone and submerged use

The PS-2000 family is a well proven
4-20mA output Pressure Transmitter with fast response time, high accuracy and long life time performance in harsh and hazardous environments.

By using thin-film strain gauge measuring technology, sputtered on Scan-Sense designed diaphragms, electron beam welded to an inlet, it is superior at both dynamic and static measurements of long life time and high pressure applications.

Both the design and material selection provide durable service with corrosive media, and comply with international accepted standards for materials operating in corrosive environments.
PS-2120 by Scan-Sense is digitally calibrated and temperature compen-sated with an analogue 4-20mA output signal in a two conductor configuration.

Extensive pressure & temperature cycling tests guarantee this pressure transmitter to be the right choice for the Oil and Gas industry.


Typical Applications are:

  • Offshore Drilling
  • Offshore Production
  • Gas & Petrochemical Processes
  • Hydraulics for Lifting, Pumps etc.
  • Splash zone and submerged use.




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