IsoPod PT

1/2″ UNF 2A
A SCM Pressure Transmitter


  • 4-20mA Subsea Pressure Transmitter
  • Ranges from 0-300bar to 0-1200bar
  • Designed for 3000 m depth
  • Dual / Redundant Signal Option
  • 30 Years Design Life
  • ISO 13628-6 Compliant
  • High Total Accuracy < 0.5 % FS
  • Fast response time
  • EB welded diaphragm

The IsoPod PT represents the ultimate solution for fast response, high accuracy and long life time performance.

Our thin-film strain gauge measuring technology sputtered on the Hastelloy diaphragm is superior at both dynamic and static measurements for long life time and high pressure applications. Mechanical parts made in Inconel 625 ensure superior strength and excellent material properties.

Highly skilled personnel manufacture, calibrate, and performs extensive ESS-testes according to established procedures.

The IsoPod PT is digitally calibrated and temperature compensated with two channels with an analogue 4-20mA output signal. It is manufactured, at our facilities in NORWAY.

Extensive pressure & temperature cycling tests guarantee this pressure transmitter to be the right choice for subsea installations.


Typical Applications are:

  • Subsea Control Modules
  • Subsea Processing
  • Subsea Pumps
  • Subsea Measurements

Giant Isopod “The Scan Sense IsoPod PT borrows its name from the Giant isopod. These creatures live on the seabed in the abyss of the open sea down to 2,150 meters, where pressure is high. Their bodies are dorso-ventrally compressed, protected by a rigid, calcareous exoskeleton. The large eyes are compound with nearly 4,000 facets, for perfect sensing in the dark, cold and deep waters.”




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