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Portable Load Weighing kits

Product Description

Portable load weighing kits for shackle, tensile, chain and torque measuring.

The Kit Includes:

  • Load cell
  • Universal Reader
  • Carrying Case / Foam
  • Spare battery
  • Charger 90-260VAC
  • 6 meter cable (optional 12 meters)
  • Manual PLW kit
  • Calibration Certificate
  • DNV Class approval (Shackle and Tensile)


Shackle Load Measuring Kit

Shackle Load Cell Kit with display                                 Range
5SPS012-PLW-211 – 12T
5SPS017-PLW-211 – 17T
5SPS025-PLW-211 – 25T
5SPS035-PLW-211 – 35T
5SPS055-PLW-211 – 55T
5SPS085-PLW-211 – 85T
5SPS120-PLW-211 – 120T

Tensile Load Measuring Kit

Tensile Load Cell with display                               Range
5TL001-PLW-211 –  1T
5TL003-PLW-211 –  3T
5TL006-PLW-211 –  6T
5TL012-PLW-211 – 12T
5TL017-PLW-211 – 17T
5TL025-PLW-211 – 25T
5TL035-PLW-211 – 35T
5TL055-PLW-211 – 55T
5TL085-PLW-211 – 85T
5TL120-PLW-211 – 120T

Chain Tension Load Measuring Kit

Chain Tension Load Cell with display
Suitable for 100mm-200mm chain sizes. Typical measuring range 25% of chain breaking load.
Custom designed upon request.


Torque Load Measuring Kit

Torque Load Cell with display                                   Range

5TM062-PLW-211 – 600Nm
5TM302-PLW-211 – 3000Nm
5TM352-PLW-211 – 3500Nm
5TM802-PLW-211 – 8000Nm
5TM103-PLW-211 – 10000Nm
5TM153-PLW-211 – 15000Nm
5TM203-PLW-211 – 20000Nm
5TM353-PLW-211 – 35000Nm
5TM603-PLW-211 – 60000Nm



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